Trial Lawyers Give to Geren

By Daniel Greer | 3 years ago

Campaign finance reports are out and we will be exploring them over the course of the coming week.

Leading off we have one of Joe Straus’ lieutenants, Chairman Charlie Geren, receiving a $2500 donation from the Texas Trial Lawyer Association PAC. TTLA is a main funding source for the Democrat party in Texas and liberal allies embedded in the GOP.

In 2012 the average campaign contribution by TTLA is $2900 and the group has given exclusively to Democrats with the exception of Rep. Geren.

In 2010 trial lawyers through a front group Texans for Insurance Reform spent big to elect Lance Gooden. Donations made to squish Republicans by TTLA are call in donations. The Republican will be allowed to vote free from interference until they are needed to swing a crucial vote.

This is a sustain the status quo season for TTLA. The group and their lawmakers don’t have enough power to make aggressive moves so they are biding their time and positioning to roll back lawsuit reforms advocated by Texans for Lawsuit Reform when there is a shift in power.

We’ll continue to publish observations as we comb reports.